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5 Resistance Bands

At home resistance bands

Workout wherever, Whenever you like.

No gym? No problem. ProFitBands enables you to workout at home and convenientely with our full-body resistance bands workout set. Tone up, Get shredded and achieve your fitness goals with zero excuses from today!

Resistance bands workout

100+ exercises for all muscle groups.

These resistance bands are for all, from beginners to advanced gym goers. There are over 100 possible exercises to choose from, targeting all muscle groups. Work your whole body or focus on selected muscle group(s)... the choice is yours.

Resistance bands with door anchor

Ready, Set, Tone.

It's super easy and fast to set up! With the included door anchor, handles, and ankle straps, your exercise session is ready to start within in a few minutes. No more excuses, only results!

These resistance bands have allowed me to exercise any muscle group wherever I go! 


Just like the gym, I have a variety of weight options and exercise options to perform with these resistance bands! Love it


Since gyms have been closed, these bands have allowed me to get just as good of a workout!